The conditioning challenge covers all areas; strength (weighted training, core, resistance training), stretch (pilates, yoga and mobility training) and anaerobic (short bursts of high intensity work: jump rope, HIIT, sprinting, boxing..).

This conditioning challenge is aimed to encourage athletes to improve in whatever the choice of exercise.


Slipstream is able to approve full racing licences if you are intending on racing in TRIATHLON events. If you require assistance in registering yourself with TSA our administrative staff are glad to help you with this.



Challenges are put into place to support athletes in creating a goal for themselves in the exercise they choose. These challenges are meant to encourage and motivate athletes on a month-to-month basis.


The running challenge is adjusted to accommodate the athlete at the level they are at. At the beginning of the month, the athletes will be able to join one of five individual challenges in the Strength, Stretch, and Anaerobic categories that the athlete should complete within the month.

We are very excited for all the conditioning, training, and fitness goals that are going into this new month in 2023, but we are most excited to be doing this with you; our VIRTUAL FITNESS FRIENDS!

Strength: Bodyweight and weighted training, core and resistance training.
X1 | 25hrs
X2 | 20hrs
X3 | 15hrs
X4 | 10hrs
X5 | 5hrs

Stretch: Pilates, yoga, stretch and mobility training.
Y1 | 25hrs
Y2 | 20hrs
Y3 | 15hrs
Y4 | 10hrs
Y5 | 5hrs

Anaerobic: Short bursts of high-intensity work: jump rope, HIIT, sprinting, boxing…
Z1 | 25hrs
Z2 | 20hrs
Z3 | 15hrs
Z4 | 10hrs
Z5 | 5hrs

Please note that in order to participate in these challenges, you will have to be on the Slipstream Conditioning WhatsApp Group. You DO NOT need to be a Slipstream member to participate.