Running Program

Running Guidelines

[See separate gym and body weight guidelines]


Remember this is for complete beginners/novices/people who are already walking 5k or doing some jogging as well as intermediates that want to get better.

All walking is ‘power, fast walking’ whatever that is for you as an individual.

If running is too hard to start then powerwalk fast for the run portions and do easier walking for the walk sections until you feel confident enough to try running.

If you are feeling confident in the running then you can increase the running sections pace as you feel.

If you miss a session do not let it worry you too much, however, if you miss more than 3/4 in a row then try starting with the last session you did.

If you are sick – DO NOT TRAIN! – recover and then start from the week prior to getting sick.

If you are injured or get injured during the 8 weeks, recover and start from the week prior to getting injured.

Do not try to make up for sessions missed!!

Do not try to run too far or further than what is given or too fast, especially at the beginning.

However, taking the above into consideration, you may feel you are ready to increase your pace as you feel and or ”distance” by 5-15min max over the course of these 8 weeks.

For more intermediate runners you can add 5-15 x 20-40sec strides / faster running with equal easy running or walk between on 2 runs per week – preferably Wednesday’s and Saturday’s

Along with the above intermediate runners may do all runs as 9min run 1min walk


Heart Rate – HR – Zones Rate or Perceived Exertion (RPE ) out of 10, are as follows and can be used accordingly:

Zone 1 – 50-60% of Max HR / 2-5 RPE – Warm-ups/recovery runs – very easy jogs/walks.

Zone 2 – 60-75% of Max HR / 4-6 RPE – Easy – steady runs, you can talk for the most part and would be described as fairly comfortable but not easy.

Zone 3 – 70-80% of Max HR / 5-7 RPE – Easier tempo running – can breathe and have broken speech but the longer the session the harder talking becomes.

Zone 4 – 80-90% of Max HR / 7,5-9 RPE – Where the magic happens and you increase fitness, speed, speed endurance and train muscle resilience. You will not be able to talk 🙂

Zone 5 – 90-100% of Max HR / 8,5 -10 RPE – Short periods of work to increase speed and anaerobic capacity but generally not necessary for the most part. This is super hard!!



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