Triathlon Program

Triathlon Guidelines

[See separate gym and body weight guidelines]

[See separate attachment for swimming sets which will be updated through these 12 weeks]

If you do not understand swim sets initially do not worry just do it as best as you are able and try to get 1k minimum swimming in per session

Stretch, Core, Gym sessions are 20-40min max so no need to go crazy but it is an important part of the overall fitness and strength needed for triathlon

Please listen to your body at all times

This program is for beginners who are already training and up to intermediate athletes

All athletes will improve just by doing the basics while intermediate athletes will improve by doing sessions faster and trying to get the extra sessions done

Session 1 is the session you should try to get done at all times

Session 2 is if you have extra time and are able to handle the extra training so do not necessarily push to get this session done

If you are feeling good and would like to do more over and above Session 1 and 2 the only thing you may do is swimming!!

If you are feeling confident and HR Zones/RPE is good you can push harder on sessions as the weeks progress

If you miss a session do not let it worry you too much. However, if you miss 3 or more try start with the last session you did

If you are sick – DO NOT TRAIN – recover and then start from the week prior to getting sick

If you are injured or get injured – recover and then start from the week prior to getting injured

Do not try to make up sessions missed

Do not go overboard with intensity etc especially to start. As you build the confidence you can increase the intensity as you feel you are able

All running can be done as either 4min run 1min walk or 9min run 1min walk especially warm-ups and downs however the intervals are the intervals

If you are not sure what to do or need help with any particular session please contact me via WhatsApp and I will respond ASAP

Do not worry too much about the Heart Rate Zones below rather focus on the Rate of Perceived Exertion

All easy runs/rides etc should be done at 5-7 out of 10 / All faster intervals or efforts etc can be done between 7,5-8,5 out of 10

Taking the above into consideration Please Please make sure you do this at your ability level not your friends or the people who you may train with

Heart Rate – HR – Zones Rate or Perceived Exertion (RPE ) out of 10, are as follows and can be used accordingly:

Zone 1 – 50-60% of Max HR / 2-5 RPE – Warm-ups/recovery runs – very easy jogs/walks.

Zone 2 – 60-75% of Max HR / 4-6 RPE – Easy – steady runs, you can talk for the most part and would be described as fairly comfortable but not easy.

Zone 3 – 70-80% of Max HR / 5-7 RPE – Easier tempo running – can breathe and have broken speech but the longer the session the harder talking becomes.

Zone 4 – 80-90% of Max HR / 7,5-9 RPE – Where the magic happens and you increase fitness, speed, speed endurance and train muscle resilience. You will not be able to talk:)

Zone 5 – 90-100% of Max HR / 8,5 -10 RPE – Short periods of work to increase speed and anaerobic capacity but generally not necessary for the most part. This is super hard!!

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